SAVE THE WORLD AROUND YOU. Part 3 of Trilogy Creation of the Universe

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SAVE THE WORLD AROUND YOU (CREATION OF THE UNIVERSE, BOOK 3) "Man maintains the homeostasis of the Universe. Adjustment of reality takes place through his consciousness. And man's every act and his every action is reflected upon the global levels of being, where planets, stars and galaxies perform the role of atoms and cells. Everything around us is alive. It's just that the Universe is the body of our own existence on the global scale. If we understand and accept this we become IMMORTAL, because adequate behavior is the main precondition for immortal existence. These forms of life are tied to the source of their existence - human consciousness. Being in a cause and effect relationship with consciousness, they, nevertheless, because of their predominantly information-energy structure, contain greater opportunities for analysis, response and influence than man does.

578 pages, A5

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