„God’s mental Medicine Chest – The Workbook“

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Hugin Munin: „God’s mental Medicine Chest – The Workbook“

based on the Russian Cures, e.g. Grigori Grabovoi Exercises by  Grigori Grabovoi, easy to understand and easy to follow, proven by clairvoyants:
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You see::

  • How to find in 40 seconds the method you are looking for.
  • How to find the right method in the variety of exercises.
  • How to secure the efficiency and the lasting effect.
  • How to avoid doing wrong..
  • How to handle the number sequences in a correct manner.
  • How to pointedly build-up a property, e.g. the capability of clairvoyance.
  • How to free yourself from massively dark energies (blockades / problems).
  • How to work for your healing with the healing pictures of the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci.
  • How to wake-up a new consciousness in yourself and in others.
  • What clairvoyants perceive in which healing session.
  • How to work on your psychic problems (see Grigori Grabovoi’s psycho-atlas „Zahlenreihen psychologischer Normierung“, available in Russian and German at the moment).

The steps of the exercises are documented and the cases of cleaning, diagnosis, regeneration / healing etc. are presented in an orderly way. This guide and workbook provides you with practical help, to be used by learners and advanced persons and sets a new standard in spiritual healing.

This book is personally authorized by Grigori Grabovoi and the reader experiences his support.

Please read the comments of Grigori Grabovoi about Hugin Munin:

„Dear Reader,

Hugin Munin describes in his works my technologies and methods in an extended way. This makes it easier to practice for many people.

Hugin Munin understands exactly the indicated concentrations and thoughts which are outlined in my works. And he transfers his knowledge precisely. He sees the deep interactions of my methods to the wholeness of all external and internal information. And he also sees the interactions to the technology for realization of the control of aims. This gives immediately the integral practice of the development of rescue and eternal life.

Kind regards

Grigori Grabovoi


Meanwhile this workbook has already become a bestseller in German speaking countries.

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