About Grigori Grabovoi

About Grigori Grabovoi


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Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi

Grigori Grabovoi was born on 14 November 1963 in Bogara village, district of Kirov region Chimkent, Kazakhstan.

He has the Tashkent State University, Department of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, specialization - complete mechanics 1986th He is an academician of the International Academy of Information. Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences. Advisor to the Russian Federal Aviation Service. Author of the discovery of the creative field of information, understand each information object, models in each square of the space-time continuum, he also discovered methods of converting the information of each act in a known geometric shape, principles of remote diagnostics and recovery of any matter within any period of time by transforming time into space form. He has recognized the unique ability of clairvoyance, the prediction and the curative methods, this is all public. Utilizing his clairvoyance, he solves scientific problems. Personal abilities of remote control of physical objects from any distance, he has hundreds of patients without his personal presence healed, these facts are attested by traditional medicine and evidenced by notarized treatment of healed people. He has cured AIDS and cancer sick people in the last stages, it was confirmed by the United Nations. Through his clairvoyance, he examined hundreds of airplanes, "space station Mir" orbital station, "Atlantis" space ship with the absolute conformity of the later review by a mechanic. He worked on experiments which he has accomplished the work is the embodiment, de-personification, teleportation, and included this work was recorded in the minute and stroke. He regenerated destroyed objects. He performs works that are aimed at preventing disasters through the development without destruction. Taught to control objects for the rescue.

Grigory Petrovich Grabovoi

born 14 November 1963

Newspaper report: Wetschernja Moscow

Tuesday, May 28, 1996

Internet copy, original text

The foreign mass media from time to time publish information about the mysterious people of whom the Russian political leaders protected from a variety of unforeseen events, surprises, dangers and diseases. It is perhaps time to tell the world about the people who saw through the government and aircraft in the event of discovery of defects has the right to prohibit the departure. About the extrasensory, the gift of the diagnosis of disease and distant healing, of finding the missing people as well as the gift of prophecy booms and falls in the stock market and much else has been assigned.

This magician is called:

Grigory Petrovich Grabovoi.

Between Alpha and Omega

For the clear reasons is his name the majority of Russians unknown, although the experts speak on the field of paranormal phenomena of the human psyche with the utmost respect for him as well as the world stars of the extra sensors have declared him a long time for "your". The reason is his "immeasurable strength" as the Bulgarian visionary Baba Vanga said. Range of his wonderful talents really goes from Alpha to Omega.

If I had already mentioned the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, I call them the 23th Letters - "psy". As briefly described the psychics of our planet, the object of their field: the spirit, the spiritual world that exists outside of time and space, and the soul that connects the mind and physical body. To those who have stronger religious impulse, it is given to create what we habitually identify as miracle cure, invisible to see, to penetrate with the supersonic speed with the thought and will, through barriers and distances.

Thus, in a few words, the conditions of perception and action extrasensorigen. Some get this property with genes of ancient Uhrahnen - so many Bushman of the Kalahari desert telepath, better for them because the relict zones of the cerebral cortex under that guide the development of mankind from the intuitive connection with nature, are kept. Other is due to the trauma of the Great Indian Magician Sai Baba has discovered within himself the capacity to revive the dead, after he was bitten by a scorpion itself from nearly died.

Remember also to the Apostle Paul. Still known as Saul, he is on the way to Damascus became blind after he was assigned to the Divine Power. And what the roots of Grigori Grabovoi start - that it can be assumed only. In his family, as far as I know, there was no clairvoyant and the fate of him from any room shaking.

Currently, Grigory Petrovich GRABOVOI only 32 years old and seems even younger. He remembers himself from an early age, he could not speak yet, but already knew what the adults talked. He now understands other languages, on the idea level. Since the age of five, he saw the events in advance:

The mother sends him on a bicycle to go to the market in order to buy home-made cheese, and he says - "There is no cheese there." And soon will the weary "foamy" neighbor - it turns out that the police have dispersed early morning all the dealers and there really was no cheese.

He put the time, of course, no value on it and thought that similar properties have direct vision of all people living and could not help. The more so none of his contemporaries came from the Kazakh village Bagara at all in the mind, what kind of a phenomenon as a friend. And with 12 years began Grigori GRABOVOI understand that it's not like everyone else. And how different, he wonders, can the property to change the way things should be included? If he knew that an unpleasant meeting is inevitable, he thought that those people who waited on him, could distract other, more important concerns, that he changed his mind and gave his attention to film the alternative details. And it turned out the way he wanted.

I must say that in childhood and in teenage boyhood nobody Grigori Grabovoi what evil done, disturbed or offended by bad, bad word. Not because he practiced karate in sports circles, but, most likely, thanks to a certain "peace loving" energy shell which covered it. And probably also because he felt as a teenager in the colossal unknown and mysterious power has brought to the task: predict future husband embarrassment to guess and to make the barrier.
Thus is his creed now. And the extra-sensory power has since, as he himself admits, neither increases nor decreases and. With age, but he began gentle and careful to refer to his "inner wealth", not to shatter it and get bogged down. He used only in extreme cases, for example, if a man should be saved. In recent years, begins to think Grigori GRABOVOI more often as he can save the world from disaster.

Grabovoi is aware of its suitability to become conscious of this mission, as he in Tashkent Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering (Uzbekistan) worked. This work was assigned to him by the graduates to use the university. It was there, the space ships and space techniques developed. Grigori GRABOVOI dealt with including the catastrophe theory. In it matured its own concept of non-admission of the same disasters.

While still a student, while preparing for the exams he sat with the book and felt a sudden unexplained vibration in the body. He has the inner nuclear power plant, smoke, fire, reciprocating saw people. It was a month before the Chernobyl disaster. And three days before the tragedy, the vision has repeatedly burning the graphite rods. The visual representation of the Schrödinger equation, which relates to the micro-world laws has proved to be: tunnel junction (term in quantum mechanics) and silvery speck of dust - electron energy to pass unsuccessfully tried in vain from one level to another. Grigori GRABOVOI shuddered: every moment is pop the explosion, because the graphite content in the rods was significantly higher than the standardized value! All this was in Grigory Grabovoy on the light level of marriage. And I asked him - why he did not go to the relevant bodies, to stir all the bells?

And who could believe an unknown student? - He replied sadly. - If the people have been in the Kremlin after the explosion, such as ostriches put their heads after a long time and described a pleasant picture: "The situation is under control" ...

Mankind is busy for a long with the consequences of the Chernobyl explosion: "I've seen in four vertical sides of the deviation 5 degrees, around the globe plunged the most powerful neutrino currents. Of them, the genetics of people are affected even in 120 years. "

Time passed ... Grigori GRABOVOI demonstrated in his secret design office, the miracle, he identified the deficiencies in the aircraft, the other people predicted what might happen if such and such will not be made. He then became the head of the Civil Aviation Administration of Uzbekistan Ganij Masitowitsch Rafikov on the spot "safety inspector for the flights - an expert on extra-sensory evaluation of aircraft technology" invited. The second place gave him the vision of the "invisible" to the duty, the first job has given him the right to prohibit the departure. That is what he has done several times when he and his "third eye" the broken wires or other disturbances in the "body" of the aircraft saw. He abolished the flights the presidents machines. That is why the head of state will no doubt know, for sure - who was her earthly guardian angel.

Earthly guardian angel

In the hands of the Brazilian Carmine Mirabelli, the hard things were smooth. The analysis of metal rods, which prevented his will of the Israeli Uri Geller shows the change in its molecular structure. How do they do it - it's about the mind and it is hardly possible to get from them the explanation. They are far - a in the time, the other - in space. They are also closed, because both men were objects of bitter persecution and incitement, and both have been declared criminal. And Grigori GRABOVOI - here he is before us. It seems as if he were to make the veil of secrecy a little worried. He repeated his creed over and over:

"Each event can be changed. My predictions are not fatal, I am always constructive methods of prevention. I change no object, I change the situation around the object "

After the Chernobyl explosion documented Grigory Grabovoy precaution all of his prophecies. In his archives, there are hundreds of protocols, with seals and signatures and certified by competent professionals. Here are some of these documents.

The aircraft IL-86, No. 86052nd The extra-sensitive GP GRABOVOI predicted decrease in the output of the fourth engine, which was not associated with a defect. Perhaps, as a result of collision with a bird. Result: most in seven day, 27 January 1992, advised the Lower Walk of the machine in the channel of the fourth engine, the crow. The flyer provided information on prognosis auszutrimmen managed to put on the train with passengers and crowded machine. The air inlet chamber and the air screw cap have been pressed and deformed. The engine has been shut down.

The aircraft IL-62, No. 86704th On 20 January 1992, the Extrasensensitive GRABOVOI GP the possibility of disturbance of the fabric structure in the vicinity of the combustion chamber of the engine taken No.3. In eleven days, as it was recorded in the logbook, it has determined that a burn-through of the guide apparatus. The engine was taken out of service prematurely. (One can imagine what might happen when tear during the flight, the blade of the jet and cut the trunk!)

The aircraft IL-86, Nr.86056. The Extrasensensitive Grabovoi has insufficient information about the reliability of the equipment given to the front dressing room. From the logbook: "On the 22d January 1992. Water leaks from the panel in the front room toilet. The water was shut off during the flight. " (And again, it's not worth talking about what might happen during the penetration of water into the flow path of the aircraft control systems: the failure of the electronic shows wrong engines, the pilots shut down this ...). As a result, the design office, where the machines were developed IL-86, the Hermetic sealing of the toilet room has improved.

I repeat, there are hundreds of such official certificates. And each ends with the sentence: "The information from the GP extrasensory GRABOVOI have been fully confirmed." There's nothing else left wondering as to why the head of the airlines who received the warnings, no security measures met and waited until "confirm the predictions themselves." Moreover, the leaders were themselves surprised: how can such a young man who is not skilled in the field of aircraft construction, watching the inside of the machine and yet to determine which parts are defective: computer chassis, transformer oil line? This young man determined the defects, without leaving the office.

It is enough for him to know the machine number - that happened at work under the contract with the Soviet-American joint venture "Askon". Surely, someone says to Mr. Grabovoi - what, where and when ...

In May 1994, the high-wire Aeroflot, the "experimental verification" of the opportunities made by the extrasensory. It was established by the Commission, in which the experts of the company "ANTK Antonov" and the mechanical work of Fergana were recorded. You have asked him over the course of 2-3 seconds at a distance of 25 m, the machine AN-12, Nr.1901 that belonged to the Bulgarian airline "Air Sofia", "fernzudiagnostizieren". I quote the report:

"Grabovoi GP or no means of technical diagnostics are not equipment and facilities is used. He had no opportunity to inquire under time pressure to be on the condition of the machine. Before the diagnosis, no one knew anything about defects that he discovered and later found by the Commission and with authenticated protocols. Defects were only found where Grabovoi has shown "(he has been able to discover the deep corrosion of the bars). In addition, another machine was AN-12, Nr.1204. Under similar conditions, the cracks Grabovoi (from 14 to 20 mm long) found the planks, after which the machine was taken to repair and overhaul.

That was probably the first case, when the precognition (perception of future events) by reason of the decision before Grabovoi flight was. Like an avalanche that comes down, fell over him the prayers - the reasons for the "flight events"
(so shy to call the Aeroflot - the staff breakdowns) to see into the room. So after the request by the company WEO "Rampa" Grabovoi has "missed" seeing what the machine with the AN-12, N 11 337 14th March 1995 in the vicinity of the airport Baku (the capital of Azerbaijan) was going on. In one day after the crash he has found the defects - alternate failure of two engines, failures of electrical equipment, exceeding the commercial weight of the machine interference on the part of the technology team - which later proved.

Frankly, it must be admitted that I wanted to check out how clean Grabovoi's experiments. I lost my watch and asked him to say how. I got this watch. "Three years ago, you received this clock as a gift from a tall white man." Then I turn came, I was amazed and have unlocked the mouth.

Really, it was an Arab Scheiches gift, gray-haired, tall man in a white dress. I tell such detail shown on the Grabovoi of psycho diagnostics, so that the reader really appreciates the scale of his talent. The Fernbiolokation (Fernbiosuchen) of the objects was made by him: the Order of the Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) naval base for certain operators, extrasensory on the map the location of the survey vessels in the ocean. The accuracy of the clairvoyance of Grabovoi exceeds all conceivable parameters. The reader is entitled to be interested in this: what an intuition of this man?

"This is not an intuition, but clairvoyance" - says Grabovoi. I can not even visit the smallest tiny particles from all sides. The seeing in real time is one hundred percent error free. Something very different is it -. See inside the past or future "
This is as far as I understand, the sixth sense necessary.

The sixth sense

About this sixth sense said the Russian Academician Vernadsky W.:

"It is necessary that the real impact of human consciousness, ie characteristics of the animal to take on the events in the real world of the naturalist counter."

The Universal Extra Sensitive Grabovoi is a walking encyclopedia of psy-events. It forces the reality, a reality of the fundamental laws that are based on the close interaction of humans with the environment to recognize. As far as telepathy, Psychokinetik, transformation of the substance and other talents of Grabovoi are real, I can appreciate after numerous documents and certificates based on their own.

The above-mentioned inhabitants of the Indian state Andrapradesh Satja Sai Baba materialized (making material) through thought, thought power with various objects - fruit, candy, jewelry - and distributed them among those present.

And further still, I describe an episode of teleportation of Grabovoi practice .

During the trip to Bulgaria was in the customs of the incident: the miracle healer from Russia Ludmila Kim has the bank certificate to the sum in the amount of 1500 doll that she wanted to give the destitute, forgotten at home. Grabovoi stood at a distance, watched wife Kim is upset. And suddenly appeared in their hands the certificate sought? After returning home she found that the space on the closet, where it was lying there, covered with dust. The Englishwoman Poldsh Koral has thus become famous that it is the portraits of disappeared or murdered people she has never seen, paints our compatriot, the Russian Vladimir Ivanovich Safonov after the photograph the bodies of victims of violence. Grabovoi has also in this field of clairvoyance his professional role.

One of the "profession - colleagues," who called about midnight Grabovoi far: a woman can not find her 12-year-old son. Grabovoi's eyes appeared before the four-part body. He has asked some questions and then assured his colleagues: "Give me three days and I collect these parts together. Tell me, please, mother, that she will soon see her son alive and well. "He has gone back into the past and began to create a positive future image. The problem must be handled, it must be the other course of things built.

In three days, the dejected mother "quite accidentally" found their son in the Kazan railway station in Moscow, alive and well. The boy could not remember anything.

What a nonsense! - Can rise up to the reader - as well as more recently the word "mysticism" was indignant. As the correction of the executive events is possible? I just strongly Grabovoi attacked with my questions. It starts quietly and calmly explain.

It's about parallel time streams. The famous Filipino healers Dsun Labo surgery without a scalpel penetrating with fingers and hand in a different time, with the other hand is in reality. Figuratively speaking, he has some hands, such as Krishna. So also I can part with my "I" move to another time field in the given point me to correct the Line of Fate. One can say that God is sending me for testing. If the murder was ordered paid, so it will be soon announced by mass media. In this case, I am powerless. The deceased can only be alive - may be projected behind the monastery wall, where no one knows anything about him, and will hardly know.

The optimal variant - no tools or those tools that are never told that the man had already lost their lives. Of those who are trumpeting it states: "Here he is! He was formerly dead! "

I am forced to relieve myself. I will, of course, do not kill, it is against my morals. But it remains to me nothing other than the murderer somewhere in Kamchatka (peninsula in eastern Russia), or where else to go, send away, so that it does not stretch out to the end. Only after this procedure, I start the alternative course of events build to pull the victim out of the Unsein.

Someone has similar procedures is not possible. It seems to me that was weakness in the law enforcement agencies, this method is quite acceptable. The murderer is alive, but isolated. The innocent victim is back among us and never think it can, what a tragedy they experienced virtually. The family is together.

I may just point out that the change of events realized in the highest degree is esoteric, and no less complicated thing was. Much more convenient it is to prevent the disaster, which makes GRABOVOI with great pleasure. Let me give you a quote from a letter from a leader in the field of repair of computer equipment from SK Ratiaschwili 02/02/1994:

"The extra-sensory information received from Grabovoi about the danger to me by the driver is fully confirmed. Due to the extra-sensory impact it has succeeded in my presence in the car when the accident to avoid. The risk was derived for my life. "

Another witness to the resident of the city of Khimki (Moscow region) Mrs. LW Swjaginzewa.

"Through clairvoyance Grabovoi has described the following picture - at the entrance to my kitchen is located right above the white plastic box with the soda, the radioactivity, which causes damage to the heart." Really, it was founded in 1993 diagnosis
"necrosis of heart tissue" found ... "

At all times the Philistines fall quickly to the notion of ethics, if they find something unusual, they do not understand and can do more. And the usual situation - thieves, false witness, slander is estimated as a social norm, but of who pulls the sufferer from the abyss - was a bad man.

How much are Gaunereibeschuldigungen on the English healer Mathy Manning fell, although he did that which was available only for the saints: with karim's thought he burned the cancer cells. He orders the damned: "Be healthy!"

The diagnosis and treatment is still a means of GRABOVOI's instruments. He is not waving their hands, does not "profound" face. He does not even need to see the medical history of disease, to confirm the diagnosis, he noted, however, recommends the patient to investigate the "traditional" doctors do leave. He prefers the patient of the disease to be informed and take into account how strong his will is. At the hospital admission, he does not say much - the words are unnecessary, it works with inner "fluoroscopy".

A true story:

A grandmother, in his study, sitting in silence for half an hour, has finally asked: "Dear friend! When I do go to the doctor, "the" signature "of the miracle healer Grabovoi is also the case history of one of his patients - after their approval, of course - should be explored.

"Galina Stepanova Antipowa is almost 50 years old, she has worked as chief accountant at the bank. At 01 March 1994 she has found Grabovoi-yellow, tired and exhausted woman who moved with great difficulty. The doctors have pronounced a judgment upon them: carcinoma of the breast with a very strong progression. "Mr. Grabovoi, I have to live up to three months. I do not need anything. I wanted to save money for buying the apartment for my son. I am ashamed, but to get the good job with high salary. I may die soon and by the people who cheat on my colleagues' "It is no matter for me, as you have a cold or cancer." - Has said Grabovoi and has begun the cure.

His treatment is not very common. It is easier for Grabovoi to see the patient without touching him and to treat distant. In this case, - he says - do not interfere with the accompanying factors. The only requirement for the patient: "No drugs in the course of treatment to take."

So keep - the unfortunate woman has completed the card and receive a certificate. The treatment is 22-23 clock of 1 to 9 March and then on 15 March to 30 November be performed. And she could not wait.

I interrupt this sad story, so Grabovoi explains why he pause of 9 To 15 March needed.

He says that it takes these six days, so that the patient himself makes the decision whether treatment should be further carried out, or he will give preference to the surgery. 
wife Galina Stepanova Antipowa on 10 March came. No, do not come - with wings flew in, "Doctor! I ruled out any blood with pus from the third day! For God's sake, set, please, continue your treatment! "
What kind of treatment - that did not at the end of genes. She knew the hour of the beginning and impatiently waited for tomorrow morning. Grabovoi did not tell her that she is treated practically day and night from him.

What he will destroy the blind faith in the power of the cyclical regime?

On 19 August was made in Ufa (the capital of Bashkiria) repeated cytological analysis - found no cancer cells. And now asks this glowing lady GRABOVOI to give her permission to wonder about all this - to tell - television and newspapers.

I ask my question again to GRABOVOI "How?"

I begin the healing process from the moment when I look at the covert level the request of the patient or the situation. The field begins working immediately. In a split second I monitor the elements of life-breaks and put them into the energetic connections.
It took several days until full recovery. So in general I do everything at once - at the moment. I give the date yet for the prevention and control, and taking into account of the unbelief of the people that something can be done quickly.

And 22-23 clock I make the correction. I see the theories of karma, the energy fields, weight functions, subspaces. I see the direct power of God, Jesus Christ consult them. I look exactly the compounds in the body of the patient. And renovate the damaged tissue.

Health is multi-factor condition -. Continues Grabovoi
The compounds degrade themselves are often quite surprising and unexpected. You can show up as the old contact of the patient with the support of ill will. Then go to (come), I return to those times and correct the original cause. Roughly speaking - I am working with the building.
What man is interested in the first place? For a long and active life. I build the events so that he can live as long and as actively.

Grabovoi appeared in Moscow in 1994 before an audience in the movie theater "Warsaw": in a room, the protests were heard: "epilepsy can not be cured extrasensorisch" GRABOVOI silent. After that meeting, a weeping woman came to him and said: "My name is Elina Vladimirovna. My son Dmitri has been over five years, the progressive Episyndrom. The brain is already damaged. The healing began on 17 August and on 19 August 1994, the electroencephalogram have shown a reduction of the dynamics of the disease. In December, the boy came to him.

And very fatal disease - Parkinson's disease, which people call "shaking". The patient was sitting at home and Z. waited for the end, he had edema of the legs. His relatives have seen Grabovoi. Oh, wonder! In a few days Mr. wanted. Z. already emptied the trash and even in a week he was walking in the courtyard. After his cure Grabovoi recommends the investigation into the clinic.

Grabovoi archived records of the recovery with notary certification in special dossier. There were cases when the lack of basic index of the reason for the negative opinion about the healer. And I, the author of these lines, does not convince the reader believing that I have the documentation that can confirm the veracity of my words every show. The only what I can not guarantee, is meeting with the extrasensory.

Play with something simple

The real clairvoyant tend not to acquire the exclusive right to talent. The extra-sensory systems, each. The Englishman M. Manning says: "I am a concert pianist" similar. But I can teach almost anyone the melody playing. "

Not everyone can, of course, predict the course taught. This is the highest qualification, as the Harary kite Americans need to have earned the colossal money by predicting the stock market quotations of silver. The basics of his profession has given Grabovoi the president of one of the largest Russian banks Andrei G. Yuryevich. The last expressed his delight after ...

Otherwise you are reading, which testifies to the banker himself:

During the consultation on 07/02/1995 Grabovoi has determined through his clairvoyance, the name of the partner (Andrei), who is able to accelerate the construction. Basically, he is project manager. To mark the successful conclusion of the work project Grabovoi has extrasensorisch described the exterior of the man who appreciates this stage of work, and essentially the key figure of the entire project.
The president of another company Vitaly Nikolaevich S. has probably not yet decided their first steps into the country " Psy to make. " He doubts not that the benefit from contact with Grabovoi for his company extremely important Grabovoi has correctly called the company's problems predicted for two months, U.S. dollar exchange rate, given good recommendations on partners and the distribution pattern of the products. The main thing is (quote): "Grabovoi has exactly the time periods, when were the transgressions and violations of the accounting records made, determined, and its information does so to resolve these violations." Frankly, Grabovoi has saved his company from tax inspection.

This small chapter I write for the Buisiness and financiers, entrepreneurs and others who may be interested in Grabovoi's phenomenon.

Salt of the earth

Grabovoi spread far from the fact that all major Exrasensitiven planet associated with energetic strings. He was confined to the Comment: "Old ties to Karma." It is but a single chapter in the annals of the extra sensors. The Brotherhood, which no one has established. Its members - literally handful - to know each other away.

I can tell the story on this subject, the reader may hear of a fairy tale. She is here - in the words of the Indian witnesses (producers).

In the spring of 1994 is Grabovoi to India, driven cradle of eternal wisdom. He came into the Temple Birla Mandir, New Delhi, and has the high priest asked if the level can determine his extra-sensory capabilities. The priest replied: "There is no man in this city, who with Mr.. Grabovoi measure and could determine its highest level. " Grabovoi then asked: "Who can judge me? I've made ​​so long way ". And the priest told him, Simcha H.: "Only one man is able to do that. His name is Baba Nag Pal ". The next day after Kutabminar Grabovoi is, the holy place in India driven. It was the temple Tschattrapur, visit the high caste people and senior government officials. At that time, the priest Baba Nag Pal was in the temple, the guards would not let happen, but the unknown Russians - Radshiv Gandi itself received only two minutes of High Baba Nag Pal, then the Russian newcomer said, "Please share Baba Nag pal with that Grigori Grabovoi has come ". The guards did. Then the saint, in spite of the lunch break immediately arranged to invite the revered guest.
Their conversation lasted 23 minutes. Baba Nag Pal has said that he blesses Grabovoi and will pray for him. And another said the saint, that Grabovoi to use his high extrasensory capabilities and high energy level for the reunification of his country. This Grabovoi's gone to his home. To Commenced

Continue "protecting the Russians" against disasters and hallucinations.

Recently, information has come from across the ocean: the UN is interested in GRABOVOI person. It is therefore not excluded that results from the UN Office for the soon prognosis of disasters from nuclear reactors.

"You are the salt of the earth" - Jesus Christ told his disciples.

By this he meant the soul force that can salt as the food, the people on the moral and physical destruction and save the world from moral depravity and general destruction.

It also seems to me that if it were possible to collect all the grains of the salt of extrasensory once and for all, they could agree to keep forever, and our planet as her eyeball.

And then there is quiet for us all.

Newspaper "Moscow Wetschernja" Tuesday, May 28, 1996

Grigori Grabovoi

You are the world. You are-forever.
You have immense powers.
your opportunities are boundless.
You are the incarnation of the Creator-.
-In you is His will,
through his determination you change the world.
In you, His love is,
love everything living, how He,
who created you.
Verbittere your heart does not
think about the good,
do good.
Good will come back with longevity.
Love will give immortality,
the faith and hope, wisdom.
With faith and love
are your revive unsehbare forces.
And you'll get the, what do you dream
immortality-that's the face of life.
Just as the life-this is
the trace of eternity.
Build to live in eternity.
Live to eternity to created.

Grigori Grabovoi