Grigori Grabovoi was born on the 14th of November, in 1963 in Bogara village, district by Kirov, Chimkent area, Kazakhstan. He has the Tashkent state university, faculty of applied mathematics and mechanics, specialisation - mechanics in 1986 concluded. He is a member of the Academy of the international academy of the information. Suitable member of the Russian academy of sciences. He has written numerous writings for the improvement and rescue of the world.


Igorj Arepjev is a Russian scientist, clairvoyant and author.


Arcady Petrov is a Russian scientist, clairvoyant and author.


The neurologist and homoeopath was born in Omsk (Siberia). She finished the state medical advanced technical college and afterwards worked ten years as a doctor in the neuro-logical department of the state clinic in Omsk. Since 1995 she lives in Hamburg and founded with Sergey Jelezky the SVET centre of the spiritual technologies. Their knowledge transmits them worldwide in seminars and Workshops.


If is certified painter and designer, studied in the technological advanced technical college in Omsk and worked afterwards in own studio in Omsk and Hamburg. Together with Svetlana Smirnova he visited and learnt with the „ground of A.N.Petrov“, (remedial visual school), "Geovoyager" (structuralisation of the consciousness) *, The centre of the spiritual technologies „hope“, N.A.Koroleva and W.A.Korolev *, The centre of the spiritual technologies "Arigor", I.W.Arepjev* (*Moskau)