"Restoration of Matter of Human Being by Concentrating on Number Sequence"


"This book differs from other books by the fact that the work happens directly with the matter of the human organism. The work with this book is at the same time an education process whose aim is a good result. Logically looked, it is one of the mechanisms of the achievement of the positive system result, regardless of the circumstances. Moreover, some people try not to clear up the diagnosis, and to be simply healthy, then the use of the methodologies of the book to them will admit to steer the health independently and, other possibilities demonstrated in the book use. Also the diagnoses not always seem exactly, then the work with this book admits to lose no time, that is the book contains the action expressed in the concentrations of the rescue..." Grigori Grabovoi, pages: ca. 316 pages.

AUTHOR: Grigori Grabovoi
Format A5
ISBN: 978-3-943110-54-8
PRICE: 37,90 USD

REVIEW OF THE BOOK BY G.P.GRABOVOI "Restoration of Matter of Human Being by Concentrating on Number Sequence"

You are holding in Your hands a unique book written by Academician, Doctor of Physics and Technical Sciences Grigory Petrovich Grabovoi  “ Restoration of Human Matter by Numerical Concentrations”. The book is filled with numbers, but it does not refer to the classical numerology, as modern numerology mainly analyzes the psycho type of a man. This book belongs to a “Help yourself” series – without medicaments and operations, but only with the help of one’s Intention and Consciousness.
The book is based on the Anatomical atlas which shows illustrations for practically all sections of human anatomy: diagrams, drawings, microphotographs at different angles of view, giving the opportunity to see the peculiar properties of the form of various structures of the human body. The important difference from the traditional anatomical handbooks is that each image is supplemented with a certain sequence of numbers developed by the author.
The essence of this work for the reader is the concentration in the region of mental projections of problematic areas on the anatomical drawings and corresponding number sequences. The combined effect of numerical sequences, anatomical structures ( forms ) – and super high frequency radiation of a man, increasing in the moment of concentration – ( as if “three in one”) – produce a powerful healing effect, as confirmed in practice. The process is universal, regardless of the symptoms or identified diagnosis. Number sequence, developed by the author, transfers the cliché of the norm to the unwell and sick tissue.
The human body is composed of four types of tissue: epithelial, muscle, connective (including also bones) and nervous. Tissues form organs. Practically every organ contains all of these types of tissues. Organs jointly providing certain functions, form the systems of organs: integument, muscle system (700 muscles), skeleton (206 bones in the body of an adult man), circulatory system, nervous system, respiratory system (350 million alveoli), excretory system, digestive system, endocrine system, lymphatic and immune system, reproductive system.
Cells of the damaged organs, possessing consciousness, perceive information of the health coded in a combination of numbers and contours of perfect anatomical form, and thus they are restructuring at this time  their vibrations, making them resonant to the model proposed by the canon.
No mystery! This is an exact science, verified science of numbers, geometric shapes, interactions of organs, systems and processes of the human body. This is a displacement of  ”a destructive type of information by a creative one”. This is an effect of resonant vibrations.
At the very end of the book there is a number sequence summarizing all the components – 419 312 819 212 – “the body as a united whole”. One must perceive a man exactly so: discretely every fragment, but at the same time as an indivisible whole. This is a manifestation of a variant of ” a harmonious synchrony”. At that, the organism of a man, created in the image and likeness of God, though psychologically and functionally is not homogeneous, but physically, in the main meaning, is manifested as identical.
Images and numerical sequences are monochrome, and this has its own meaning. The perception of colour is always individual. The colour of an object depends on the length of the light wave which it reflects. That is why the vibration characteristics of the colour in the images in the atlas can  probably not always be in harmony with the frequency characteristics  of numbers and figures.
Figures are symbolic tools of the most fundamental of all sciences – mathematics. And mathematics, being a tool for any science, is at the same time the language of God. And this is the most important. All that is created in our three-dimensional world, everything that is capable of self-reproduction and self-regulation, is subjected to the laws of mathematical interactions. Irrational and imaginary numbers are also mathematics that works outside of infinity. There is a different logic, there are other axioms, there exists no time. There is a foundation of Being.
“Omnia in numeris sita sunt” –(Latin)- Everything is hidden in numbers.
It is from there that numerical sequences, developed and presented in this book by Academician G.P.Grabovoi, originated. They are the standard of “the divine norm” for the human body. That is why the interaction with these numbers gives such a tangible effect. I have my own experience of dealing with these technologies. They work! They are impressively efficient.
I would like to draw your attention to one more feature of the images given in the book: below the main picture one can see the mirror reflection of the fragment located above. It is known that in some cases the mirror is not only a reflective surface, but also something like an information converter, which allows weak mental images, appearing in the brain, to become more clear and distinct. For a long time a lot of famous scientists have shown their serious interest to the mirrors  for some various reasons. Among them there are our compatriots: Academician A. Akimov, Academician V. Kaznacheev, Academician  P. Garyaev, Ph.D. in the field of science dealing with artificial intelligence V. Pravdivtsev, etc.  
The second assumption: mirror projection demonstrates the author's desire to convey information not only on the manifested forms by conventional imaging, but also an objective, an implicit geometry of depicted forms which exists in the information dimensions.
Academician B.V.Raushenbah, outstanding Russian mathematician, spent a lot of time studying iconography. He noted that painters usually use a technique of isometric view – a parallel inverse perspective of an image. "Isometric view option - a weak inverse perspective is the evidence of presence in the composition of not only our everyday world, and the world above, i.e. the presence of a higher meaning of subjects depicted,  the property of the subjective space of his vision "I" of the whole cosmos (B. Rauschenbach, "Addiction").
In essence it is about the same: a mirror projection - is a symbolic representation of the unity of the manifested and unmanifested (subtle) world. The author’s proposal is to place corresponding digital series in between - it is like a symbolic bridge connecting the two worlds together in normal vision, "bridge in the flow of informational vibrations, bearing the information of infinity."
Digital sequences presented in this book are made ​​up of 12 digits, arranged in the "triads", which are separated by three "spaces". The entire series – is four "triads" of digits. In classical numerology are specially highlighted symbols of numbers 12 and 3 as a creative principle of the Divine Trinity – it is a symbol of harmony and beauty, and this is the main attributes of the concept of NORM.
The intervals between the "triads" of numbers are also not accidental. Author deliberately draws attention to them in the text part, advising to communicate them with words.
But it may be that "gaps" - are not only the spaces, where the average human eye cannot see, but it is also the space of "silence." If you concentrate on it for a while, you can hear and even "see" the vibrations causing the sound, which is implemented in a melody or word. It is a spiritual state. To describe it there is no adequate words, it can only be felt. And remembered. The word that I wanted to write in these intervals – is the word SPIRIT.
A very interesting piece of text book, which contains information about that "matter can be restored by using a series of numbers of another matter." These are numerous and multidimensional regulatory communications between cells, tissues and organs, that is, between the various specialized tissues (in the human body there are 220 of them).
Impressive is the author’s recommendation to restore the matter after biological death, focusing on first numerical series from left to right, then, conversely, from right to left. Immediately comes to mind - this is a re-creation of forward and backward linkages - the basis of self-regulation, i.e. main attribute of maintaining the organism homeostasis.
Thus, the present book contains a "supercoherence mode" developed by academic G.P. Grabovoy of mutual vibrations for replacement of the disease image to the image of health, finding active aging and correction of acquired age anomalies.
The human body, in fact, - is a wave phenomenon, packed light, and it extends to infinity. Each number also has infinite nature. Vector - is the same, this is the way of Eternal development for really possible eternal life. Times have changed. Quantum physics has become dominant among the sciences, and it has taken an important first step - "From Science to God".
Diseases do not exist. There is only an obstacle course. And you have to overcome all of them. While overcoming them you change yourself. This is important. This is training for the Spirit. With every overcoming you are getting better. This is the way of eternal development. And it always should be remembered that the illogical - is a root system, it is stronger and deeper than logic.
Exit to the spiritual path of building matter of the future is, too, a method of control by its task with the assistance of the digits structure proposed by the author. Therefore, finally, I would like to quote a fragment of a lecture given by the author on 19.06.2004. "The Teaching of Grigory Grabovoy of God. Creation of a matter of the future":
"God is manifested everywhere, in any phenomenon of the World ... In the construction of the matter of future you are creating the light that unites you, and people, and God ....
You improve your health, and it means that everyone receive an element of recovery ... Be sure to find out you own exact spiritual personal, kind of a universal, in general, way of your cognition, your development and your eternal life".
 Ph.D. Asyamolova N.M.