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“Life is light, thoughts are light, even God is light!” (G. Grabovoi)

The main value of the teachings of Grigori Grabovoi is that it allows mankind to rescue as well as to free itself from the biggest error: the myth about the existence of the objective physical reality, that doesn't depend on the consciousness. Because only consciousness creates the world!

"Everything, which exists all around: the earth, the sun, the stars, space, the whole world. Everything is based on the structure of the consciousness, which includes the creator's consciousness. Therefore, if we know what spirit is, what consciousness is, we can revive people, we can create space, we can build the world, we can do every inventive action" [4, S. 99].

The consciousness of the human being is considered, by academy-member Grabovoi, one element of a world where all elements cooperate. Thus, the change of the consciousness of the human being pulls all other elements with it, which has a crucial influence on the world around us: the collective consciousness of all objects and especially the informative objects as well as the collective consciousness of the people. If one inserts the knowledge about the rescue of the world and a harmonic development (with the universe), about immortality of the physical body and about happy life on earth into the collective consciousness of the people, the world will develop accordingly.

“One can change any incident into a favorable incident through goal-oriented learning, to alter the thoughts. Goal-oriented, structured consciousness can alter our thinking. Exactly this is the basis of my teachings about “the rescue and the harmonic development”. Theses teachings are officially certified in the appropriate documents of the UNESCO. Many years of practice have confirmed my teachings in all situations!” [4, S. 313).

The most important preference of the teachings of Grabovoi is their real practicability in life. Grigori Grabovoi not only developed but also tested several important practical tasks many times and actually realized, for example, to cure from Aids and Cancer of the 4th grade. He also managed to revive passed away people, including the realization of diagnosis of the processes involved - like appearances and objects of different levels of complexity – by steadily keeping to the most important principle of the indestructibility of an object as well as its appearance in the universe.

In his teachings, Grigori Grabovoi uses such important categories as “the Creator” (God), Love, Consciousness, Soul and Spirit. All theoretical situations, methods and technologies of the communication of the human being with God, in the course of the solution of tasks of rescue are based on the fact: “the universe is the divine basis”. Based on the analysis of all of Grigori Grabovois works, I came to the conclusion that his central idea on the learning “about the rescue and the harmonic development" consists of the following:

Rescue of civilization from possible global catastrophes - and the harmonic development of this civilization within the infinite time-space continuum can only be realized through an increasing level of the development of the collective consciousness of the people, living on earth. There is no other alternative in the cosmos. The quest, to protect the world from a worldwide catastrophe will enable everyone to decide, on his general tasks as well as his individual ones, to take the right action for the general rescue of mankind.

Here are three very principal aspects - from my point of view – on which I want to draw your attention:

1) So far, the saints and the prophets who came to earth for the purpose of mankind's rescue, mainly strove for the achievement of this goal by means of intense prayer and meditation. Yes, one cannot revalue their merit! And probably our planet and mankind simply exist because of their efforts - even refrained, that all actions of people were aimed at the destruction of the world and themselves. It may sound sad, but the human being, who is actually overfilled with knowledge, basically robbed and wasted the storerooms of nature and, on the side, poisoned the environment. Today, in the century of a blustery development of science and especially such as bioinformatics (the application of information technology and computer science to the field of molecular biology), chaostheory, elementary-physics, transcendental psychology and others, with the threat of a global catastrophe of the planet already literally hanging over us, ancient methods for the rescue of mankind are not effective any more. They are too slow, but one should act fast.

Down to earth a new emissary came, who meets with all requests of the modern world: a scholar with unique abilities, striving to get the scientific basis in unison with phenomenal results of his activity, so that we, the people, would understand him, believe him and follow his advice. Parapsychologist, Alan Tschumak, talks about Grigori Grabovoi as of a human being that came to save civilization, calling him a “bearer of technical progress”. Academy-member Grabovoi developed his teachings, introduced them and hence tries to communicate them, which are aimed on the rescue of each and everyone, to as many people as possible. He doesn't simply prevent possible catastrophes of technical and/or biological systems (illness and death are considered catastrophes, by him), but he develops and creates result-effective new appliances and equipment, which enable his students (those who have not such phenomenal abilities as Grigori Grabovoi) to successfully heal patients, themselves.

"I created a whole line of really working appliances. They are intended for the utilization of those people that have not completely realized the restructuring of their consciousness in the area of the restoration of health, of organs and revitalization, yet. These technical facilities support the structures of the formation (of incidents) and this way we work with the consciousness of the human being. They are based on a fundamentally new realization. I submitted this realization in the dissertation, at the application of the academic honors of a doctorate of the technical sciences" [4, S. 420].

2) It is very important to notice that Grabovoi does not hide his knowledge, but strives to teach people themselves, to prevent from their personal catastrophes. He developed and helped people to technologies with which they attain a favorable solution of their personal tasks, by means of their consciousness. The impulse, that is directed by the consciousness of the human being, to the creator, is aimed on the realization of the liferight - given by the creator - and on the general rescue, the prevention from a global catastrophe. Into this general stream, the individual problems of all humans flow. That means that, as long as they do not counteract with the creator's general goal, they will be solved automatically by the measures of the global task of creation. And this means that only those goals can be realized, that correspond to the very high mental claim of the creator. Low goals (to destroy something, to deceive anybody, etc...) will never be realized, because they do not respond to the creator's will.

There were and there are a lot of teachers, masters, gurus, insiders and clairvoyants, but hardly any ever put one task: to scientifically justify and, based on a logical language, to clearly explain to the majority of people, the nature of the mystic appearances, that happen in the consciousness and, to provide them with unambiguous technologies, that directly enables them to communicate with the creator. And, at all, are there many “high teachers”, who share their technologies with all people, interested, to practice them? They hand over their secrets to a small number of students, who should pay homage to their teachers for the cognition of their secrets, for years.

3) Academy-member Grabovoi based the possibility for the human being of interaction with the creator to achieve positive results in personal incidents on the method of "the amalgamation" (the melting) of their consciousness with the consciousness of the creator. And if your goal corresponds with the creator's goal, it will absolutely be achieved.

Sincerely, Svetlana Smirnova (SVET Center)

“When the question about real rescue for all people and for all time will be decided, it will simply be the transmission of the true knowledge of the creator." (G. Grabovoi)

Grigori Grabovoi


You are the world, you are eternity.
You possess immeasurable powers.
Your possibilities are limitless.
You are the embodiment of the creator.

In you, his will resides,
through his destiny you change the world.
In you, his love resides.
Love all life as he does, he who has created you.
Do not embitter your heart. Think good, do good.
Good will return to you with longevity.
Love will give immortality,
faith and hope, prudence.

With faith and love
your invisible powers will come alive.
And you will achieve all that you dream of.
Immortality, it is the face of life.
Just as life is the trace of eternity.
Create to live in eternity.
Live to create eternity.

Grigori Grabovoi


Doctrine of Grigori Grabovoi


"The doctrine of universal salvation and harmonious development"

The lesson we are talking about here is a different approach, from the writings known to someone else now hear for the first time from her. As Russia began in 1992 at several institutions has been to conduct research on general rescue and more harmonious development of the world (perceived reality), there was this knowledge that has since continuously and constantly has new results. Meanwhile, talk to people of different religions, different languages ​​all over the world from these results. This theory assumes that the creation (God) in any faith and any culture anywhere exists uniformly.

It is not a new religion, but the knowledge of creation itself, which is made by Grigory Grabowoj rediscovered and published. Grigory Grabowoj talks about the world (external reality) and the animated man (inner reality) structures are informative: "If we look at the world, the people in this world, and developed as the person in this world, we see that everything is Mutating emanates from man. This means that the world (external reality) is developed by people with his conscious or unconscious inner world.

Grigori Grabovoi has written three books on his findings, which also includes the road to recovery and regeneration of organs and the healing of seemingly incurable diseases, including those such as AIDS and cancer are described. His methodology is applied in practice for many years in several countries. Many remarkable healing results were documented and notarized.

Many of his students, and we (Svetlana and Sergei), could now achieve this by applying new methods to restore health and harmonization of events in and around the people, the same results. Grigory Grabowoj has proven in the medical practice that there are no incurable diseases, and that any illness, including cancer and AIDS in the so-called end-stage can be cured.


The controller. The concentration. The thinking

in the teaching of Grigori Grabovoi as an element of control occurs in first place the task of the rescue of all of the technology through the use of various elements of control: the soul, mind, consciousness, the physical body and so on. Teaching Orientation of Grigori Grabovoi, everyone can be the master of his fate. The offered price of the seminar includes more than 20 different methods of controlling the events of one's life (interior and exterior events) that while the restoration of health, received from the teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, allowing to expand one's consciousness and learn to control the reality around us. We want to make it clear that the methods of concentration of consciousness Grigori Grabovoi just as methods of the concentrations are, and not the meditations. The difference consists in the following certain meditation it is necessary to stop the process of thinking and to try to dissolve in the surrounding space and merge with it, and the concentrations by the methods of Grigori Grabovoi suspect the very existence while the concentrations of process of thinking, but of correct thinking, and by thought, by concentrating on the task you are working, just the object of control is achieved. The setting of his duties during working hours on the general well accelerate the process of achievement of the result. The right thinking means in each of our actions in every situation to see the boundless love of God to us. Remember! Everything that is done is done, for the best. If we begin to understand that all events happen in life to a certain destination, on a global scale, there is only one goal - our eternal development, so we will understand that everything always happens for our own good, because in each of our actions, the act of the Creator is present. And the act of God is His love that is personally addressed to each and all together. The presence of God's love in every event can be up to minimize the potential negative consequences of our actions is not creative (negative thoughts, words, feelings, emotions). Just as one can decipher the recommendation: Thank God for everything good and bad. At worst minutes of our life, He carries us on his hands. If one level of development into account in our consciousness, then all adverse events, including the disease-lessons that we work with you to structure our consciousness and the successful realization of the mission of God - the eternal harmonious development of man and the whole surrounding reality must go through.



The training seminars and lectures are not just about words and their verbal content, but also at the level of the soul. That which man does not understand at the level of consciousness, he sees at the level of the soul. The soul perceives the knowledge and shows it later as a result on the physical plane. That is, the people you need in this methodology to explain how something happens and at the level of intellectual structures, it is the inner knowledge.

The light of knowledge perceives every person, regardless of his consciousness. With this knowledge and the methods of application, people can recover themselves and help others and harmonize health events.

Since 2000, we are working practically with this doctrine, and they develop it further and give constantly all the findings to interested people. All methods and techniques are tested and confirmed by personal experience. We are also in conjunction with the institutes in Russia, in order to integrate new insights into our work.

Speakers / users of the new teaching practice:

Svetlana Smirnova

Mr. Dimitri Eletski

Each basic seminar includes more than 20 different methods and practical applications as well as a detailed script on the subjects of which consists of approximately 35 pages.


Important: We are not responsible for people who want to / and with our program / script your own seminars.